Thursday, June 20, 2024

The World Fashion Academy was launched in 1999 as an academy that supports, mentors, and promotes fashion designers, supermodels, and talent that make up the fashion industry. The World Fashion Academy is also responsible for the annual World Fashion Awards.

Worldwide Events:
The World Fashion Academy puts on a series of annual festivals, premieres, workshops, conferences and seminars in the UK, France, Germany, and USA. World Fashion Awards  which the academy produces annually.

Academy Members:
All industry professionals are able to apply for membership to the World Fashion Academy. To apply for membership. E-mail:

Academy Training Courses:
For those keen on getting started in the motion picture industry. The World Fashion Academy offers an opportunity to take part in our breakthrough courses for Actors, Actresses, Producers, Directors, Screenwriters and general production crew.

Professional Training in the Crafts of Filmmaking!

The World Fashion Academy provides you with:

  • Multi-disciplinary training by professionals in the fashion industry.
  • In classroom course work coupled with on-set, hands-on training.
  • Opportunity to work on “real world” projects in order to develop recognized  credit,through partnerships with
  • One-on-one job counseling to include resume preparation, job research and job placement outreach.

What Kinds of Jobs does the World Fashion Academy Training Prepare You For?

Entry-level positions such as:

-Account Manager
-Buyer Assistant
-Communication Officer
-Customer Service Manager
-Head of Design
-Head of Marketing
-HR Manager
-HR Advisor
-Jewellery Designer
-Junior Buyer
-Junior Designer
-Junior Stylist
-Knitwear Designer
-Pattern Maker
-Product Developer
-QA Manager
-Regional / Area Manager
-Sales Manager
-Store Manager
-Shop Manager Assistant
-Stylist Assistant
-Visual Merchandiser

To apply for membership. E-mail: